If there is chaos, tell me how you feel.

emotional emission nodes

We have really only begun to scratch the surface on how embedded, intelligent lighting could do to make life in the city less stressful. Have you ever found yourself craning your neck looking for the train to arrive?, wishing you could see past that large vehicle and what is causing that ‘hold up’ in traffic?. Or felt the rush of air as the tube approaches and the crowd you are with begins to walk just a little faster.  All these are daily situations and reflexes that often add stress to our lives.  I have a wish, that one day I can look out a window over the city and it will tell me how to get home. Building illumination made responsive could emote a state or condition of the activity in its immediate area. Streets that are congested could be ‘sensed’ by light embedded structures such as bridges that could alter their appearance depending upon their ‘stress level’. Half the time knowing what lies ahead is half the battle, at least it gives some relief to the stress of commuting. I also have the added interest in the aesthetic possibilites that lie within the fusion of kinetic media such as lighting, projection and animatronics and the ‘static arts’ (such as architecture?). I feel there is still so much to learn, and that learning would add fuel to the fire of my experience, current skills, and the ability to get work done without hesitation.


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