The way we revere nature separates us from it.

Fireflies in Okayama, and around Japan this past summer.

These images were shot this past summer by amateur photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu in the south of Japan. The images spread virally and have become somewhat famous, being featured in newspapers like Figaro and the Daily Mail. They are time lapse shots of fire flies in an evening meadow.
Fireflies To me these images really capture what it is like to encounter light phenomena in the outdoors. I am interested in the impression these moments make on us, the memory of it and how we reflect on it. I like to see moments like this happening more frequently within the city, we stumble on something, its dazzling, we remember it in a distinct way possibly. I also like how this light experience is just a manifestation of routine activity in the meadow, it happens every night at a given time of year, there like the rain, we dont question it. We often place this kind of scene in opposition to how we think about the city, as a place that ‘ not nature’. Most civic beautification projects work from this premise, a nostalgic view of ‘nature’ & ‘natural elements’ transplanted into the civic setting, the design process often a kind of harnessing (stylizing) of these elements, like Versailles?. The ‘natural’ experiences I like most are where I feel the ‘wild’ in ‘wilderness’, and how to use the urban setting itself to inspire this feeling without the escapism of conventional lanscape design & civic beautification. The piece Lightmodal is definitely a step in that direction. How do you feel the wilderness of the city?

here is another of Ocean bioluminescence


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