“Raster Plaster” – Narrative Facade & Responsive Canopy Lighting

Raster plaster as part of the GO Gallery is voted one of the best art sites of the 2010 Brightlights exhibition. Below are some images of the end result as well as the preliminary sketches and description of what the piece was intended to do.


the facade is 'painted' by pixels

Illuminated patterns in the umbrellas, projection (aka ‘raster plaster’) travels onto umbrellas. Mapped projections create a digital plaster that at times would reveal fictional contents, or recreate old paint jobs that the building may have had.

In its dormant mode the building face will slowly appear to dissolve through past “stucco” surfaces it may have had or will have in the future. These ‘stucco’ animations will appear as colour and patterns in a slow dissolving animation. Once the building detects movement near its base it the “raster stucco” will ripple and reveal a continuing series of textures, patterns and images that relate to the history of both the Yue Shan Society, Chinatown, and Vancouver. At times this installation will allow individuals to see their own shadow captured and traveling upward along the buildings face and dissolving into the ambient colour rhythms of the umbrellas above.

It also allows for an individual to feel their presence expand in scale and become part of both the event and the context of the site, which in effect could be similar to the crossing of a “Brechtian fourth wall” (the active/passive barrier known to exist for spectators of theatre, films and concerts).

This type of installation is part of a series I call ‘event conduits’ uniting spectator, event, moment and narratives. To passers by, the animated light rhythms visible in the umbrellas from the street view will draw them in to discover that ornament and decor can reveal something they were not expecting


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