Architecture enslaves media: Samsung mapped projection.

Here are some stills of a recent project by Urbanvisuals that we did for a Samsung event for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games

a sports scene conforms to a building

We created one sequence in Maya that matched the building panels, due to the lack of contrast caused by ambient light conditions, full 3D illusion was difficult

3d animation maps to building

This is an example where, (tongue firmly in cheek), architecture goes too far and enslaves media. However, the end result creates a sea of possibilities around a visual dialogue between motion graphics and static architectural form. Digital media animation has the ability to respond to these forms endlessly in a fluid way. The expressive potential is even greater when this situation allows the building to effectively react in real-time to specific events, thus changing its relationship to the site and its temporal quality. I am very interested in what possibilites this blend of motion graphics and static architectural form means for the future functionality of architecture and the urban landscape.


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